Photonics took part in Open Innovation forum

An innovative medical laser system stLase for soft tissue surgery was exhibited and presented by Photonics Ltd. at the Moscow International Forum of Innovative Development "Open Innovation", held from October 31 to November 3, 2012. Photonics Ltd is a portfolio company of RVC Seed Fund and Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund, both established with the participation of JSC RVC capital.

The Innovative medical laser systems stLase for soft tissue surgery is designed for surgical interventions in dentistry, and prospectively, in the cardiovascular surgery, gynecology, ENT, proctology and other areas of medicine.

At Skolkovo booth, visitors could learn about the history of technology applied in stLase, and see the industrial and engineering prototypes, as well as the laboratory prototype of the laser system. Another industrial prototype was exhibited in the RVC area. Guests of the forum had an opportunity to witnessthe main advantages of the device: it’s compact size, multiple functionality and ergonomics. New technology incorporated in stLase, enable real-time computer monitoring and control of the incision quality and patient’s safety.


Photo: Felix Feldstein (left) Photonics' scientific advisor at Skolkovo booth.


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