RVC-sponsored International Congress "Laser dentistry and facial aesthetics" will be held in Moscow

On the 18th of September, 2012, The Russian Dental Association, The Russian Association of Laser Dentistry and exhibition company DentalExpo jointly with the leading universities, research institutes and industrial companies in the United States and Russia will hold the International Congress "Laser dentistry and facial aesthetics."

JSC "RVC” is the general sponsor of the event,  The general partner of the Congress is the private innovation company "Photonics", which is engaged in development and local marketing of the new medical laser systems for soft (stLase) and hard (atLase) tissue surgery. "Photonics" has received financing from Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund and RVC Seed Fund, established by RVC as a founding member, and has gained residency in the Skolkovo innovation centre.

The constantly growing involvement of advanced laser technology in dental medicine is one of the key trends in modern dentistry. Specialized lasers gradually become routine and almost indispensable device for the modern dental practice. However, there is still considerable "lack of awareness" among specialists associated not only with technical and medical nuances of laser applications, but also with organizational and legal aspects of laser systems implementation in medical practice. The upcoming "Laser Congress" is intended to fill this gap by summarizing the international and local experience in the application of laser systems, by informing on the latest research breakthroughs and developments and by enlightment on many organizational and legal issues concerning the Russian dentists. Professional associations, academic institutions, the leading global educators, practitioners, developers and manufacturers have pooled their effort to to address this challenge.

Numerous organizations were involved in the preparation of the Congress: Dental Association of Russia (StAR), Russian Association of Laser Dentistry, DentalExpo exhibition company, Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education RMAPO. Russian and foreign universities also took part, including MSMSU, Central Research Institute of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery, Prokhorov Institute of General Physics of Russian Academy of Science, New York University (USA). Мanufacturers of laser equipment - Biolase (USA), Palomar (USA), DPI-Photonics (USA), ООО "Lakhta Milon", ООО "Rada-Pharma,"  "Intelstom", ООО "ITStom" etc – expressed their strong interest in participating the project.

This is the second international congress on laser dentistry, which is held in Russia (the first was organized as a section of the old "Laser Dentistry Association," International Association of Laser Dentistry SOLA and the Institute of General Physics. Prokhorov, Russian Academy of Sciences in 2010), indicating an increase of the role of Russia the international medical arena and the huge interest in laser technology from the Russian of dentists.

This is the second international congress on laser dentistry, which is held in Russia (the first one was organized in 2010 by "Laser Dentistry Association," International Association of Laser Dentistry SOLA and the , Prokhorov Institute of General Physics of Russian Academy of Science). This indicates Russia’s growing influence in the international medicine and huge interest in laser technology expressed by the Russian dentists.

The Congress agenda includes speeches by the leading foreign and local experts, which will cover  the most pressing issues of modern dentistry related to laser technology: implant and periodontal intervention, endodontics, soft tissue surgery, preparation of dental hard tissue, photoactivated disinfection, photodynamic treatment of inflammatory diseases, and discoloration of dental hard tissues, marketing issues in practices using laser technology, and other topics.

Special attention will be paid to the aesthetic restorative operations. Speakers will cover such issues as the use of innovative laser technology for the treatment of dental disease and restoration of facial aesthetics and the first Impressions from the use of the last generation multifunctional laser equipment, its prospective use for intervention on the hard and soft tissues in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

 The Congress will be a noteworthy event including scientific, practical and educational activities which will boost development of laser dentistry in Russia and highlight many issues questioned by numerous users of dental laser systems.


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