Russian dentists discussed new opportunities of laser technology at the International Congress "Laser dentistry and facial aesthetics" held in Moscow

The International Congress "Laser dentistry and facial aesthetics", dedicated to the latest trends and problems of laser dentistry was held in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo", Moscow, on September 18, 2012. The Congress was organized by the Russian Dental Association, The Russian Association of Laser Dentistry and exhibition company DentalExpo in conjunction with the leading universities, research institutes and industrial companies in the United States and Russia.

The Congress brought together the leading laser dentistry experts from Russia and the United States, who elaborated on the technical and medical aspects of laser use. The panels included many strong professionals - the modern dental elite of Russia, representatives of the leading hospitals, practitioners, members of scientific organizations and academics, which was very helpful for an active and interesting discussion.

The top Congress speaker was Gregory Altschuler, a leading laser dentistry specialist from the U.S., Palomar senior vice president, DPI-Photonics scientific director and "Photonics" chief scientific advisor. He highlighted theoretical, medical and technical aspects of development and application of the laser technology in dentistry and aesthetic medicine.

According to Professor Shugailov, Chairman of the "Association of Laser Dentistry" Panel of the Russian Dental Association (RDA), Head of Dentistry Department at the Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education, the Congress has shown the strong interest to new technologies in Russia, and provided answers to the many dentists’ questions that arise when they implement advanced dental technologies in practice. Considerable specialist interest to laser technology is associated with the fact that the laser can be used in minimally invasive and painful treatment, which is the key trend in dentistry of the XXI century.

Professor Shugailov also expressed special thanks to the Russian Venture Company - the main sponsor of the congress, which had supported the event as part of its program to stimulate demand for the product of innovative companies - and "Photonics" - the general partner of the event, a portfolio company of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund and RVC Seed Fund. OOO "Photonics" is engaged in development and local marketing of the new medical laser systems for soft (stLase) and hard (atLase) tissue surgery.

The Congress turned out to be a significant scientific, practical and educational event for the Russian dentistry. It confirmed the interest of local dentists to advanced technologies and treatments and can provide another impetus to the development of laser dentistry in Russia.


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