Maxwell Photonics was granted a status of a Innovation Center Skolkovo resident.

The first ceremony, dedicated for granting a status of an Innovation Center Skolkovo resident, was held on the 4th of July in press-center RIA Novosti. Biotechnological Company Maxwell Photonics joined the biomedical cluster. It is the third portfolio company of Maxwell Biotech Group, which was listed as a participant of Skolkovo Fund.

Maxwell Photonics is a Russian innovation company, which has been invested by Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund, created with the participation of Russian venture Company and deals with the development and planning of the production and introduction into the Russian market of brand new medical laser systems for soft and hard tissues surgery. Core application area of Maxwell Photonics equipment is dentistry. The equipment has a potential to be used also in surgical interferences in obstetrics and gynecology, otolaryngology, proctology and other medical spheres. RVC Seed Fund is a co-investor of Maxwell Photonics.

Maxwell Photonics, a member of Maxwell Biotech Group, deals with the development and production of the innovative equipment in close partnership with international companies Dental Photonics and Laser Abrasive Technologies, well-known US developers in the field of medical laser technologies. Core advantages of the new laser systems will be their compatibility, multifunctionality, usability as well as its relatively low costs.

Dmitry Popov, managing partner of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund, is sure that “the equipment, which is being developed within the project of Maxwell Photonics and involves the best technological decisions for surgical laser systems production, will hold a position on the medical laser devices market. We are very glad that another project of the group has got a positive attitude of Skolkovo Fund experts and has become a resident of the innovation center”.

“Granting a status of Skolkovo Fund resident to Maxwell Photonics is another demonstration of the fact that one of the elements of an “innovation lift” – band RVC Skolkovo – is functioning at a steady pace. It is necessary to point out that preferences, which are granted to Skolkovo residents, may substantially optimize companies’ business-plans and this has a very positive influence both on venture funds projects realization terms, and their portfolio companies capitalization growth. Taking into account a substantial experience of Maxwell Biotech Group partners and competitive advantages, which is provided by Skolkovo, we are convinced in substantial success of portfolio company Maxwell Biotech and RVC Seed Fund,” — commented on the event Yan Ryazantsev, the director of the department of investments and expertise of RVC.


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