Photonics discloses first results of development and testing of innovation laser systems for soft and hard tissues surgery.

Photonics, a biotech company invested by Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund and RVC Seed Fund at the beginning of 2011, preceded to the last stage of construction of stLase,  laser device soft tissues surgery. A new ergonomic engineering prototype has been developed and tested by doctors and industry professionals. Technical and price characteristics of the device have been approved. The device is ranged as the best product in the category of laser equipment for soft tissues surgery. Pilot series is planned to be issued at the end of 2011 – beginning of 2012.

Yan Ryazantsev, the director of the department of investments and expertise of OJSC RVC: “In this project the investments of RVC Seed Fund and a private investor help not only prepare the company for the following investment rounds, but also to finalize the technology and expand the device’s application area. The project team, located in Russia and the US, is working dynamically and productively. I am sure that the obtained unique result is a perfect base for the formation of a substantive portfolio of intellectual property and Photonics’ capitalization growth”.

StLase preclinical trials, completed at the beginning of 2011, proved the possibility of key technologies realization: tissue coagulation effect of stLase through the application of laser-induced heat radiation and laser power automatic control enabling to perform soft tissues surgery with a new level of effectiveness and safety for the first time. In comparison with the existing devices, stLase demonstrates a greater power of laser cut with a more optimal coagulation level, which provides minimal recovery period with no scars. StLase made it possible to discover a new thermo-acousto optic effect. During the research of this effect, a possibility of scaling in the mode of shock wave regeneration and cavitating consequent on thermo-acousto optic effect, has been also demonstrated. This effect together with LPM technology is supposed to be applied for paradontium disorders treatment.

The Company demonstrated preliminary results of the first stage of clinic research of the new method of paradontium disorders treatment based on gum regeneration using LPM and stLase technologies. The turned out to be substantially better than target values: in areas, treated in accordance with LPM technology, abnormal dental pocket depth was reduced by 1 mm. The same technology helped to discover and approbate a new method of highly effective and safe gums hyperpigmentation treatment for the first time in clinical practice.

Thus, research has proven that stLase is able to reach CO2 laser surgery level (gold standard in modern surgery), but in contact regime and at a lower cost. Successful initial stLase application testing for core dental procedures let the leading dentists of the USA and Russia prove advantages of stLase over the existing laser systems.

Igor Shugailov, doctor of medical science, professor, the Head of Dentistry Department of Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education of Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation, the chairman of Russian Laser Dentistry Association: “The developers managed to satisfy one of the most important requirements to surgical laser technologies – increase of ablation speed along with thermal tissue damage decrease. It is achieved thanks to the radiation parameters automatic control system, which was realized for the first time, unique thermo-optical and thermo-acousto optic tips. stLase – is a unique compact powerful laser, that can be used to conduct not only existing but also new methods of operative interference on soft tissues of maxillofacial area”.

Kenneth S. Magid, doctor of dental surgery, assistant professor and director of laser program of a dentistry faculty of York University (New York, the USA): “stLase – is the first laser, that allows to conduct dental procedures with the level of speed, accuracy and control unavailable to the existing diode lasers”.

Report, prepared by recognized opinion leaders of the branch, one more time testifies to the fact that stLase is truly positioned as a premium product with cutting abilities, identical to that of CO2 lasers, and higher control factors of the device and ergonomics than that of competitors. Within the nearest months cooperation with these and other specialists will proceed, which will make it possible to optimize clinical protocols of stLase and create a training program of getting the product ready for introduction into the market the best in its class. Recently obtained preliminary results have already resulted in the interest of two largest dentistry equipment production companies for the project.

As for the development progress of another laser device atLase, designated for hard tissues surgery, Photonics has investigated the influence of atLase prototype on hard tissues and discovered a possibility of texturing and ceramization of enamel surface and dentin for maximum cavity protection.

Let us recall, that at the end of June Photonics passed the expertise of Skolkovo Foundation and was granted a status of Innovation Center Biomedical Cluster resident.


Anna Zelenkova,
PR director with Maxwell Biotech Group;
Tel.: +7 (495) 411-6992