Moscow government and innovation companies considered possibilities of cooperation in the interests of the city

February 14, 2012, managers of field-specific departments of Moscow City Executive Board discussed the possibility of application of innovation products and services by the realization of city specialized programs with representatives of small and medium business companies.

OJSC RVC and the Department of Science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of the city of Moscow acted as initiators of the meeting.

In the meeting took part Russian companies producing innovation products in the fields of security and terrorism opposition, energy and energy saving, medical information technologies and equipment, information and telecommunication systems. At the 1st meeting RVC introduced such companies as Russian Navigation Technologies, Vokord, Sonda Technology, Aksimed, Bezopasny Internet (Safe Internet), Photonics, Mobix Chip, Light Engines Corporation.

Alexei Chukarin, Advisor of the Head of Department of information technologies of the city of Moscow pointed out that, the project of a Ural company Sonda Technology Shkolnoe Okno which deals with the introduction of biometric security systems for schools and parents alarm systems, was rated as one of TOP-20 IT projects within a Moscow contest – Ideas for Information City. That is why, DIT together with the Department of Education of the City of Moscow is eager to discuss the issues of cooperation with the company, which introduces biometric access control systems in educational establishments. The Department of regional security of the Government of Moscow is also interested in Sonda solutions regarding operative person identification for several seconds. Department representatives consider that Sonda innovation technology may be prospectively used in joint projects of FMS and Moscow Government (Migration Control).

Mobix chip produces unique smart systems for resources accounting (water, gas, electricity, heat supply) which make it possible to read data of consumers and control resources consumption. Following the meeting results Mobix chip representatives are supposed to be included into a working group for the realization of energy saving programs involving departments of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship, fuel-and-energy economy, municipal housing economy and urban improvement.

AXIMED has presented an innovation medical information system AKSi-clinica, which is able to support the most modern technologies of expansion and support– Cloud Computing and SaaS. Representatives of Moscow office agreed that such development projects may be in demand by the realization of pilot projects of automation of different Moscow MPI, particularly for large multi-purpose day-and-night clinics.

During the meeting RVC suggested Moscow Government support in the field of expertise and innovation production and services.

“It is often not clear for small companies how they may tell officials of Moscow Government that they (these small companies) have introduced this or that product or service, which could be useful for the city, into the market, – Evgeny Kuznetsov, the director of the Department of Development and Communication of OJSC RVC, pointed out. – We suggest arrangement of regular data exchange which makes it possible to identify which demands Moscow Governments has in terms of decisions for the city, and which decisions may be suggested by Russian small and medium business enterprises within capital “innovation order”, as well as use experience of RVC and accredited experts’ network for projects evaluation”.

“Moscow Government is to discuss innovation order realization mechanism with regard to expert possibilities of RVC, - Alexey Komissarov, the Head of Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship reported. – Now innovation production of Russian small and medium business companies may be used in pilot projects, for instance, “smart road”, where brand new technologies of Russian companies are to be applied on small areas of the city”.

All companies, represented at the meeting, agreed to take part in pilot projects. Meeting participants came to an agreement to proceed with cooperation. It is supposed to develop mechanisms of cooperation of manufacturers of innovation products and specialized departments of Moscow Government by March 2012.  The generated suggestions will be directed to Sergey Sobyanin, the Moscow Mayor, by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the city of Moscow.

Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of the city of Moscow, February 15, 2012.


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