It really is possible to treat teeth with no drilling machine!

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Supported by innovation center Skolkovo, modern samples of all possible kinds of equipment are being created; a laser device, that can help to treat teeth without a drilling machine and perform complicated surgical operations on soft tissues, is undergoing medical tests in Russia. Kirill Legler has got acquainted with the product.

Smile, it won’t hurt! Even the most perfect and the most modern drilling machine will always remain a simple drilling machine in minds of millions of people.  It is not so easy to get over the fear. It is an absolutely different story if a dentist holds no drill in their hand, but instead of it – a laser ray. According to the dentists, patients have the following feelings: it blows a little, some water is sprayed and some clicks can be heard. And this is it!

Laser equipment in medical science is of course no novelty. However, such equipment used to be huge and very expensive for a long time.

Igor Shugailov, Head of Dentistry Department of Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education:

- I remember being a first year student, it was a long time ago, I saw the first laser, which occupied a room of 20 m2. In order to develop laser technologies the first attempts of interference were made on hard tissues of teeth of rats.

Now in Russia a new generation device is being tested. The developers assure, it costs a way cheaper that its predecessors. If one just changes a head piece, one may operate on both soft and hard tissues. Soft tissues, for example, may be cut with no scars left behind thanks to the electric feedback system responsible for this.

Dmitry Popov, managing partner of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund:

- An additional head piece to the laser for soft tissues surgery is being developed on the basis of diode pumping technology. The created erbioradiation effect will allow to cut hard tissues.

Laser device was created thanks to joint efforts of physicists and medical doctors from Russia and the USA.

Igor Shugailov, Head of Dentistry Department of Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education:

- The device has great power. It is a 30-watt diode laser which can help to perform any surgical interference. This model is designed for dentistry operations. But it may also be applied for any other surgical interference in other medical spheres – in general surgery, urology, cosmetology and ORT-surgery, etc.

Clinical trials will be finished soon. In case of the positive results, the Company will start series production of the device.

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Authors – Kirill Legler, Danil Gimalov. TV Center.


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