Maxwell Photonics received investment for the development of innovative laser systems

On November 30, in Moscow an investment committee meeting of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund, managed by Maxwell Asset Management and created as state-private partnership with the participation of Russian Venture Company (RVC) was held. At the meeting the committee approved the substantial terms and conditions of the transaction and the amount of investments into Maxwell Photonics. The approved amount of money to be invested is 40 million rubles.

Maxwell Photonics – is a Russian innovation company, dealing with the development and planning of production and introduction of brand new medical laser systems for hard and soft tissues surgery into the domestic market. Core application area of Maxwell Photonics equipment is dentistry. The equipment has a potential of application in surgical interferences in obstetrics and gynecology, otolaryngology, proctology and other medical spheres.

The brand new equipment is being developed and produced in a close cooperation with such American companies as Palomar Medical Technologies, Dental Photonics and Laser Abrasive Technologies, world leaders of innovation in the sphere of medical laser technologies.

Core advantages of Maxwell Photonics laser systems will be their compatibility, multifunctionality, usability as well as its relatively low costs.

The equipment is expected to hold a substantial share of Russian medical lasers market, which is evaluated at USD 100 mln.


Anna Zelenkova,
PR director with Maxwell Biotech Group;
Tel.: +7 (495) 411-6992