Photonics received registration certificate for stLase, an innovative laser system for soft tissues surgery

Photonics, Ltd. invested by Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund and by RVC Seed Fund, supported by OJSC RVC, received registration certificate for its first device – laser module stLase for soft tissues surgery from Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation.

Photonics is a private innovation company established in 2010. The Company is engaged in the development and introduction into the domestic market of new medical laser systems for soft (stLase) and hard (atLase) tissues surgery. New laser systems advantages are their compatibility, multifunctionality, usability as well as their relatively low costs. StLase core application area is dentistry; however, the device may be applied in non-contact cardiovascular surgery, surgical interference in obstetrics and gynecology, otolaryngology,   proctology, and other medical spheres.

Preclinical and clinical trials of stLase was conducted last year demonstrated a possibility of key technologies realization and proved the effect of tissues coagulation. This effect was reached through the application of laser induced infrared rays and laser power automatic control, which made it possible to perform surgery of soft tissues at a new level of effectiveness and safety. Moreover, a new thermo-acousto optic effect of stLase was discovered, which may be applied in dentistry for scaling through shock wave generation and cavitating.

For the time being, a pilot lot of 5 devices has been produced and a plan for stLase launch into the Russian market has been developed. One of the devices has been already installed in Dental Care Clinic No.49 of Health Care Department of the city of Moscow.

Dmitry Popov, managing partner of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund: “We are very glad that our fund investments have resulted into the appearance in the Russian market of an innovative laser system with unique technological characteristics, which is able to solve many medical issues”.

Alexei Teleshev, the Director of RVC Seed Fund: “Laser systems are used in dentistry in many countries. In the future they are likely to be widely popular in the Russian dentistry, particularly in surgery. Medical projects have always been and still remain one of the most challenging. These projects have to overcome a lot of hindrances starting from the very idea to its realization and introduction to the market. Photonics has gone through these hindrances quite successfully and we will be glad to support it in future”.

Igor Shugailov, doctor of medical science, professor, the Head of Dentistry Department of Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education of Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation, the chairman of Russian Laser Dentistry Association: “When doing clinical trials of stLase, the leading dentists of Russia and the USA have already made sure  that this device has certain advantages. Its introduction into the everyday practice will enable doctors to improve the quality of surgical interventions in dentistry”.



Anna Zelenkova,
PR director with Maxwell Biotech Group;
Tel.: +7 (495) 411-6992