Product development

Photonics has completed a complex of research and development activities and has received a registration certificate for the laser system, which includes a universal console and module stLase for soft tissue surgery. Photonics  completed a practical guide for physicians and pre-sales activities for market launch of the laser system.

The company also continues R&D activities for modules stLase PE and atLase PE, for the treatment of periodontal disease.
During the development of stLase PE module Photonics and its partners confirmed the initial concept, developed a prototype of delivery system, explored ways of microperforation and soft tissue regeneration, as well as conducted studies in animals and in a few patients. The company plans Photonics confirm clinical efficacy of treatment of periodontal disease, in particular to reduce the depth of periodontal pockets, to reduce bleeding on probing, and improve clinical attachment gums.
Development of atLase PE module is at an earlier stage. The studies demonstrated the ability of the laser system to operate on all types of tissue using hard tissue laser with diode pumping. A prototype of such a laser was developed and the experiments on microperforation of bone tissue were conducted.