The modular laser system consists of a universal console with high-power laser diode, a microcomputer, power supply, cooling system, touch screen and optical and electrical ports for connection to the clinical module of application; as well as various clinical applications modules that can be attached to the console and activated after configuring the software and user interface. Replacement of the module may be performed by a doctor yourself.

StLase - the first module is designed for soft tissue surgery. The use of a laser system fundamentally new technology thermo surgery TOP ™ allows you to create a new standard of laser surgery. More details. Made the first batch of a universal console with integrated stLase for demonstration, training doctors and first sale.

The second module stLase PE is designed for specialized treatment of periodontal disease. This module incorporated innovative technology LPM (Laser Patterned Microcoagulation), based on the effect of minimal thermal effect of the laser on the surface of the mucous membrane of the gums. The impact of the laser leads to the restoration of the tooth-gingival attachment in patients with periodontal disease early and middle stages of regeneration through soft tissue, the generation of collagen and restore the gingival attachment. LPM technology can also be used for aesthetic purposes (for example, removal of hyperpigmentation of the gums).
Module User stLase PE will also be available a method of deep cleaning of periodontal pockets (scaling and root planning, SRP). To improve the efficiency of the method SRP, will be the internal processing of gum pockets by the photoacoustic effect generated in the mode of acoustic shock wave mikrokavitatsii and fluid flow. StLase PE module is in development.
The third module atLase-PE is designed for the treatment of advanced periodontal disease, characterized by bone loss and the degradation of periodontal ligament. The principle of operation of the module will be based on a miniature erbium laser with diode pumping. (Technology L2) (link)
The combination of innovative technology incorporated in this module (LPM, M2 and L2)  provide initiation of the process of regeneration and recovery of alveolar bone and periodontal ligament. Besides the use of the module allows to increase adhesion of filling materials in the treatment of lesions of dental hard tissues, requires minimal anesthesia, enables delivery of therapeutic agents into the tissue of the tooth through the micro perforation, and whiten teeth "inside", and not just on the surface.
AtLase-PE module is in development.
The modular laser system has a number of advantages in using:
1. Versatility and upgradeability
  • The intensity of the radiation from a powerful (25 watts), the semiconductor laser can be adjusted from minimum to maximum, which provides a solution to a wide range of surgical tasks.
  • Separate modules allow clinical use both classic and unique latest treatments.
  • Joining various clinical modules to a single console, you can create a configuration of the laser system to the customer's choice, to expand opportunities through the gradual acquisition of new modules and upgrade workplace practitioner.
2. Compact and portable
  • The system has a low weight, small size, equipped with a convenient carrying handle large, if the system used by several operators.
  • The system can be installed on a desktop or wall-mounted.
3. Large, easy-touch display
  • 7-inch touchscreen display is easy to read from any distance and at any angle.
4. Intuitive navigation, easy-to-use menu
  • The menu is designed based on the experience of practitioners is intuitive and fast set to the desired mode.
  • All installation procedures are explained in simple terms
  • It is possible to maintain and modify the commonly used procedures.