TOP Technology

The modular laser system uses a unique thermo surgery technology  - TOP.

Every time before a surgical procedure the cutting element is ititiated with use of a computer-controlled activation process. Then the system of automatic control provides continuous monitoring and control of thermal power fed to the cutter, in order to ensure constant cutting parameters. Due to this cutter glides in soft tissue like a scalpel without resistance and loss of speed.
TOP allows you to work on the soft tissues with the least duration of all systems used in the process of cutting heat. The result is clear cut without bleeding and signs of burning or charring. Scope collateral termotravmirovaniya limited and well controlled, the depth of the coagulation constant.
TOP technology includes:
  • Activation of the cutting element under computer control;
  • Optical conversion of laser energy into heat;
  • Continuous monitoring of the cut quality;
  • Automatic power control, which allows you to program the temperature of the cutting element and the continuous adjustment of the power;
  • Auto-off when motion stops cutting element to prevent excessive soft tissue injury.
TOP technology allows you to:
  • Perform procedures, problematic for conventional diode lasers (operkulektomiya, frenectomy, opening implants);
  • Perform retraction procedure for a few seconds, without bleeding and pain;
  • Produce highly accurate and easy contouring of the soft tissues in aesthetically sensitive areas;
  • Preserve tissue for histopathology in cases of ablation and biopsy;
  • Minimize the risk of overheating of the implants, connective tissue, and the occurrence of osteonecrosis;
  • Minimize termotravmirovanie, that there is no scarring or gum recession;
  • Minimize postoperative discomfort and ensure the shortest healing time compared to any thermal cutting tool.